Free Covid-19 Bible Resources For Children

Free Covid 19 Resources And Activities For Children

These are difficult times, but we who follow Jesus are assured He is with us always. Thank you for wanting to continue to share that Good News with the children and families you serve. We have assembled this collection of free printable church activity sheets and games to help you bring some joy to this challenging time.

We pray these resources may help in your ministry,
The Children’s Worship Bulletins Team

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Childrens Bulletins Covid Resources Icon Storytime Story Guide

These activity pages for older and younger children include a story guide you can read together.

Do Not Worry Lesson and Activity Sheets

Faith in the Son of God Lesson and Activity Sheets

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson and Activity Sheets

Childrens Bulletins Covid Resources Icon Image

Children’s Bulletins have 4 puzzles in each centered around a story of the bible. Its fun to work the puzzles and learn what the bible says at the same time.

Jesus Keeps You Strong Bulletins

God Cares for Us Bulletins

Rejoice in the Lord Always Bulletins

God Our Dwelling Place Bulletins

Childrens Bulletins Covid Resources Icon Wordsearch

Want more? Here are a few more of our favorite activity pages.

Additional Kids Bible Puzzles

Author Bio:
Children's Bulletins Team

Over the years of publication Children’s Worship Bulletins has had many contributing authors and editors. This team has worked diligently to thoughtfully craft material to assist in creating meaningful children’s worship materials.

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